Recommended Place near SungKongHoe Univeristy


Mullae Arts Village A special village in city’s center where energy of masters and the burning creativity co-exist

Mullae Arts Village is a congregation of art studios that formed since 2003 round Mullae-dong 3 ga, Youngdeungpo-gu, Seoul, a district which had been filled with steel work business. There are about two hundred artists in 100 places in an Arts village, who work on visual arts such as paintings, installations, sculptures, design, illustrations, photography, videos, calligraphy, cinema, fashion, and animations, as well as performance arts like dance, plays, mimes, street performance, traditional arts, music, etc. There are also others who engage in cultural activities, for example, critics, cultural planning, scenario, and natural sciences.

Post-conference Group Tour (closed)

Thanks for your interest in this tour program.
Due to limited seats, registration has been closed.
Detailed email notification will be sent to applicants.

Night Walking Tour of Seoullo

  • Only when the number of applicants are more than 50 persons, the tour program will be arranged.
  • It is a free tour program. After our conference ends, tour bus will take you to a starting point (Seoul Station).
  • If you cancel your participation, please inform us via email ( by 27 July. Later than 27 July, any change cannot be received.
  • DATE:  30 July 2017 Sunday 18:00 – 20:00 (2 hours)
  • ROURTE : Seoul Station Exit 15 – Seoullo 7017 – Namdaemun Presbyterian Church – Hanyangdoseong, the Seoul City Wall – Baekbeom Square – Namsan Pedestrian Overpass – Sungnyemun Gate

Walk along Seoullo while enjoying the night views of the city and learn about the history of Seoul Station. Seoul Station has been a fixture of the city for nearly a century, and it has had several names throughout the years. First it was known as Gyeongseong Station, then Seoul Station, and finally Culture Station Seoul 284. The tour will also proceed to the Seoul City Wall, old fortress wall.


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