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Opening Keynote Speech (28 July) 09:30-10:30

  • Speaker: Cho, Hee-Yeon (former Prof. Division of Social Science of SKHU, current Superintendent of Education of Seoul Education Office)
  • Title: A new Consideration on ‘Worlding’ as a Competition of the Dominant and Alternative Globalizations in the Modern Period


Closing Keynote Speech (30 July) 16:00-17:00 

  • Speaker: Kuan-Hsing Chen (Institute for Social Research and Cultural Studies, Chiao Tung University)
  • Title: “We are all foreigners…” or Another World (is possible) — for a grounded global intellectual movement
icon01 Plenary Sessions (28-30 July)
icon06 Parallel Sessions (28-30 July)
Spotlight Session
“Disavowed Liberalism”
(29 July)
Film Screening
“Sound of Nomad: Koryo Arirang”
(29 July)
DIGITAL Workshop
“Worlding the Digital in Inter-Asia”
(28 July)
IMG_0091 Cultural Event “JAMBINAI” Music Performance (29 July)

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