[Notices] One-Day Observer Ticket

One-Day Observer Ticket (KRW 30,000 / USD 27) For those who are interested in attending the IACS Conference 2017 just for ONE DAY, we offer a conference book and a meal ticket (lunch). Please visit a registration desk at Migael-gwan 2nd floor to purchase the ticket. 인터아시아문화연구국제학회 참석에 관심있으신 분들에게 하루 동안 학회의 모든 세션에... Continue Reading →

Session Changed!

  [ROOM CHANGED] 30 July, SUN   M403 --> SC7201 M404 --> SC7206 SY507 --> M204    [ROUNDTABLE] From Shadows to Light: LGBTQ Education, Civil Society and Spaces in 21st Century Japan  Parallel 4 (09:00-10:30), SY504  —> Parallel 7 (17:00-18:30), SY504  

The Vanguard of Social Movement in Korea

[Round Table] The Vanguard of Social Movement in Korea  FRIDAY, 29 JULY 15:15-18:30 / Migael-gwan 301 MODERATOR |  Kang Nae-Hui (Knowledge Circulation Cooperative Alternative College) PRESENTERS | Lim Soon Kwang (Korean Irregular Professor Union) Lee Jong Hoi (Socialist Revolutionary Workers' Party) Song Kyeong Dong (Poet) Kim Sung Kyung (University of North Korean Studies) DISCUSSANTS | ... Continue Reading →

Grandma School

SATURDAY, 29 JULY 13:30-15:00 / Migael-gwan 301 [SPOTLIGHT SESSION] Grandma School @Photo: Dalyeori (달여리) GREETINGS | Cha, Seong-su (Head of Geumcheon–gu District Office) ORGANIZERS | Choi Soyeon (Founder, Disaster School /Director, Takeoutdrawing), Koo Hyunmo (Prof, Grandma Studio), Lee Sunyoung (Prof, Grandma Studio) SPEAKERS | Kim Samrye, Kim Sunnam, Kim Hyeon, Kim Hongshin, Seon Gongsim, Sung Sinran,... Continue Reading →

Parallel Sessions

2017 IACS MAIN PROGRAM  (last updated: July 22nd, 2017) (CLICK BELOW ICON TO DOWNLOAD)  Please check out your panel's time and venue by downloading a conference program above. Presenters do not have to submit full papers to us. For presentation, you can prepare your own script or ppt file. All rooms have a projector, a... Continue Reading →

Plenary Sessions (28-30 July)

28 July (Fri) Plenary Session 01 : "Worlding Asia" Moderator & Discussant: Jackson Earl (Chiao Tung University) Speaker Topic Tejaswini Niranjana (Lingnan University) RIYAAZ: THE PRACTICE OF LEARNING The Act of Worlding in Inter-Asia Rob Wilson (Univ. of California, Santa Cruz) Worlding Asia: Asia/Pacific/American/Planetary Convergences – Some Themes & Tactics Khoo Gaik Cheng (Univ. of Nottingham... Continue Reading →

Film Screening

SATURDAY, 29 JULY 13:30- 16:45 / Migael-gwan 205   Sound of Nomad: Koryo Arirang Discussant:  Ashish Rajadhyaksha (Film Theorist) (The film is 96 mins long and will be followed by discussion.)   Synopsis This Film starts with a diva of a tragic family history related to a history of migration. This is a testimonial –... Continue Reading →

Spotlight Session

We offer a Spotlight Session introducing the most compelling research by high-profile scholar. This Spotlight Session focuses on CHUA BENG HUAT (founding co-executive editor of the journal, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies)'s new book "Disavowing Liberalism".  July 29, 2017 3:15-4:45 PM / Venue: M301  SPEAKER: Chua Beng Huat (National University of Singapore) DISCUSSANTS: Chang Kyung Sup (Seoul National University) Kwok Kian... Continue Reading →

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